We invited Julie to be a guest speaker at one of our virtual meet-ups of our ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the North East’ networking group. These sessions are designed to create a safe space for business leaders and senior HR professionals to expand learning into disparate and under-represented backgrounds, and what steps businesses can take to foster a fully inclusive workspace.

Julie was a highly engaging and thought provoking speaker, demonstrating authenticity and a genuine passion for her subject. The presentation was not only personal but also supported by research and data from a wide range of credible sources. We recommend Julie as a specialist in her field, bringing her academic background to her coaching and training consultancy.

Julie Mordue, Marketing Manager, NRG and greenbean RPO

The evaluation and analysis undertaken by Julie provides valuable evidence of the significant impact the project has had on domestic abuse training provision in the Northumbria region. Julie was very easy to work with!  Professional, flexible and accommodating to a number of adjustments that needed to happen.  I felt confident throughout the project that Julie was able to organise and analyse the large amounts of information I sent to her on a regular basis which meant I could forget about it and focus on developing the training! A pleasure to work with.

Consultancy client, public sector

Thanks to Julie for her support in reviewing and developing our approach to engagement with academic colleagues at Manchester Met. during the COVID pandemic. Her ability to quickly understand our context and translate a huge volume of complex information into meaningful content were incredibly valuable to us. Julie was a pleasure to work with and incredibly flexible in supporting our needs.

Samuel McVaigh, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Manchester Metropolitan University

An outstretched hand with a text label which says Coaching

I consulted Julie because I was considering career change and didn’t know where to begin. I’m so glad to have had this coaching. Each session was tailored perfectly to my needs. Julie encouraged and enabled me to think properly through the issues I was grappling with. This was challenging – but also enjoyable! The coaching was everything I expected and more, and left me with a much greater understanding of my interests, priorities and needs. Attending these sessions was a remarkably illuminating and productive process.

I have already recommended Julie to several colleagues.

Lucy, coaching client

Training image - people sat around a table during a training session

Julie’s workshop on ‘Privilege’ was powerful. I advocate and advise on EDI myself so was taken by surprise by the very emotional response it evoked in me. It cemented my resolve and sense of responsibility to challenge bias in myself as well as in others. Her methods and interactions create a safe space where delegates are challenged. She shows how privilege creates context and affects all our human interactions.

Highly recommended.

Kate Cairns, Cairns Consultancy

Facilitation image - smart boardroom interior

I participated in an action learning set facilitated by Julie in spring 2020 and it was brilliant – really enjoyable and I got a huge amount out of it. Julie is such a wonderful facilitator – she immediately puts you at ease and is a very supportive, calming and inclusive presence, who enables you to feel relaxed and able to share and constructively explore problems you are experiencing, whilst always listening carefully and making you think with insightful questions and observations. She has an excellent knowledge of issues of power, inequality and oppression which you can tell also influences her skilled facilitation.

I can highly recommend working with her and I have learnt a lot from doing so.

Dr Stephen Burrell, Assistant Professor (Research), Durham University

Training image - people sat around a table during a training session

Julie developed and delivered a series of bespoke workshops for us on Leading ED&I Change. Her skilful and sensitive facilitation made these a great success. Julie creates a supportive and respectful space in which everyone’s perspectives and experiences are valued, enabling productive conversations about sensitive topics in a non-judgemental and open manner. All attendees agreed that Julie’s workshops were very valuable in allowing us to develop and reflect upon our ED&I work in a safe and supportive environment. Julie’s warmth, humour and experience made these workshops the highlight of my week!

Katy Jenkins, Northumbria University

Facilitation image - smart boardroom interior

The Resolutions Retreat proved to be exactly what I need during this particularly difficult year. Whatever apprehensions I had about working with people I did not know soon vanished and we had some great discussions.  Working with specific techniques and guided activities, we were able to clarify what we need for ourselves going forward.  At the same time, we shared many realities of being women in academia. What a joy to be allowed to acknowledge that without feeling apologetic.  Julie is a skilled facilitator and incredibly good at creating a supportive, inclusive and mutually respectful space. I came away with renewed sense of purpose and a plan to keep my own work ‘front and centre’.

Much appreciated !! 

Dr Sheila Quaid, on Women in Academia Resolutions Retreat

Facilitation image - smart boardroom interior

The action learning set that I participated in earlier this year was a revelation. It worked so well for me and I do believe for the other participants too. This is because Julie is a super host keeping us on track whilst allowing time for personalities to shine through too. Julie is well organised, calm, warm and witty….that works for me!
I’m very happy to recommend Julie as a facilitator of learning sets, as a trainer and as a coach.

Lin Simmonds

Facilitation image - smart boardroom interior

Julie fostered a very safe atmosphere of positivity during the ‘Resolutions Retreat’ I attended, and she really helped me to think about my goals, aspirations, and why this is my career. The conversations were lively but incredibly respectful – not always something I’m used to at work. It was really important to get together with like-minded women, of different ages, experience, and backgrounds, and really heartening to know we often share similar stories. I was especially interested in the match or mismatch with an ‘institutional message’, and how to navigate that in terms of my own ethics. The most important thing though, was that Julie helped us all explore different perspectives, and learn new things about ourselves.

Claire, Women in Academia Resolutions Retreat participant