Research and evaluation 

You might want to find out what your staff think about a proposed change or to get their feedback on how things are going. Yet, it may be hard for them to be honest when giving feedback to the organisation. Furthermore, if the area is potentially ‘sensitive’ — such as involving issues around inclusion and diversity –  sensitive handling is vital in order to make the consultation meaningful.

Or, do you have a project that you wish to evaluate, such as a training programme or an activity?    

In consultation with you, I design and implement research methods to address your challenge. This might include designing and facilitating focus groups, interviews or questionnaires, or conducting desk-based research.  I collate this data into a digestible report or other agreed format so that you understand the key issues and can formulate evidence-based actions.

If you have a challenge or a project related to my areas of experience and skills please get in touch to see how we might work together.

I have experience of undertaking qualitative research within higher education (in my Athena SWAN Manager role), in the public sector and third sector.

Research includes:

External Evaluator experience includes: