How will my organisation benefit from working with you?

Working with an external facilitator benefits you in various ways:

  • when a specialist in a particular topic is needed but for a less formal session than ‘training’
  • when a neutral outsider is needed to support and lead discussion
  • when a neutral outsider is needed to carry out focus group research

What does a facilitator do?

Facilitator: “a helper and enabler whose goal is to support others” (Ingrid Bens). This is very much how I see my role when helping organisations and groups discuss particular issues.

What kind of facilitation do you offer?

  • focused conversations on diversity and inclusion, or gender and LGBT inclusion
  • focus groups
  • action learning sets
  • team building days
  • strategic planning days/away days

I’ve undertaken facilitation work for a Fortune 100 company and for national and small, local not-for-profits.

What it’s like to work with me: 

“I participated in an action learning set facilitated by Julie in spring 2020 and it was brilliant – really enjoyable and I got a huge amount out of it. Julie is such a wonderful facilitator – she immediately puts you at ease and is a very supportive, calming and inclusive presence, who enables you to feel relaxed and able to share and constructively explore problems you are experiencing, whilst always listening carefully and making you think with insightful questions and observations. She has an excellent knowledge of issues of power, inequality and oppression which you can tell also influences her skilled facilitation. I can highly recommend working with her and I have learnt a lot from doing so.”

“The action learning set that I participated in earlier this year was a revelation. It worked so well for me and I do believe for the other participants too. This is because Julie is a super host keeping us on track whilst allowing time for personalities to shine through too. Julie is well organised, calm, warm and witty….that works for me! I’m very happy to recommend Julie as a facilitator of learning sets, as a trainer and as a coach.”

“The focus groups that Julie facilitated were incredibly well managed. When discussing more sensitive topics the space always felt respectful, safe and engaging. All of us were able to speak, without feeling pressured to do so.”

Find out about my past events, workshops and talks

photo of Julie seated with Caroline Cridao-Perez at the front of a lecture theatre with Caroline animated and speaking
Hosting ‘In Conversation with Caroline Criado-Perez OBE’ at Northumbria University