What is coaching?

Executive coaching is a non-directive and facilitative process enabling you to grow professionally and personally. You bring the ‘agenda’ or area to focus on and I bring the techniques and tools of coaching to support you to define and achieve your aims. If you’re looking to be empowered to clarify and discover your own path, get in touch!    

How can coaching help me? 

Private Clients

You might be an academic or former academic, working in the private sector or the charity and not-for-profit sector – I’ve supported clients in each of these areas. To each coaching relationship I bring a non-judgmental listening ear, a genuine curiosity and commitment to supporting you to define and achieve your aims.   

Exploring a career change? Undecided? 

‘I’m not happy but I’ve been in my career so long. It’s all I know. What else could I possibly do?!’


‘My work is a huge part of my identity. I’m not sure who or what I would be without it.’

‘I have commitments such as kids and a mortgage. I don’t know how I’d manage financially in a lower paid career.’

‘I’m struggling with the values of my organisation / sector as they no longer match my own values.’

‘I’ve just been made redundant. It’s knocked my confidence and I don’t know what to to do.’

My coaching supports you to explore your options (including staying where you are and making it work better for you) and offers strategies and tools for addressing these challenges and fears.  Through the coaching conversations, you will discover what is important to you, where you wish to go and take the first steps toward getting there.

You will leave the coaching relationship feeling equipped and motivated to continue on your journey with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.  

I’ve been through a career change from academia to working for myself. I know it is a huge decision and am committed to helping people find what is right for them!  

Get in touch to set up a complimentary conversation to find out more about my coaching process and package options and consider if coaching is right for you. 


Want to develop professionally? 

‘I’m not sure whether or not to apply for promotion. Am I ready?’

‘I’m not sure which route to go down within my organisation.’Portrait of woman looking out of a window looking pensive

‘I never have enough time to do everything!’

‘I’m really struggling with some difficult working relationships.’

‘I’ve just become a line manager and have to have a different relationship with colleagues that are my friends.’

‘I want to make the most of my time in the years I have left in my career.’ 

My coaching supports you to explore your challenges and opportunities in the workplace (and in life, which is not separate!) and find ways of working that work for you. I support you to find your direction, gain clarity and take steps based on what is important to you. You may explore any number of areas such your values, your time management, confidence, priorities or tackling unhelpful behaviour patterns. The ‘agenda’ is always yours. My coaching offers a space to be listened to attentively (how often do you feel really listened to?!) and to be proactive in shaping your future.      

Get in touch to set up a complimentary conversation to find out more about my coaching process and package options and consider if coaching is right for you. 


Coaching within organisations 

I offer executive coaching within organisations in line with your organisational goals and enjoy working with staff at all levels. Investment is vital to organisational development – if you develop the individual, you develop the organisation! Coaching is a powerful tool in enabling people to draw on their greatest resource: themselves. 



Get in touch to set up a complimentary conversation to find out more about my coaching process, help me understand your needs and tailor a solution that is right for your organisation. 


My coaching qualifications

I have an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and am a Member of the Association for Coaching, the UK’s leading professional coaching body. Membership entails subscribing to the AfC’s code of professional practice.



Testimonials from previous private clients

“Years spent in a stressful and panic-ridden workplace had made me unhappy and insecure, with the negative effects going way beyond my working life.  I left that job but had no focus, direction or confidence.  Coaching with Julie enabled me to gain perspective, and to reappraise my skills and strengths away from that working environment.  I am now working more effectively, and much more happily.

“I decided to consult Julie as I felt I had got into a rut with my work, and that my work-life balance was not what it should be. The sessions with Julie were adapted perfectly to my needs, and left me with a much clearer understanding of my priorities, as well as equipping me with strategies for making better decisions with regards to work and personal life. I would highly recommend Julie as a coach to anyone who feels the need to review their choices and priorities!”

“Coaching with Julie has made me realise that I have choices about my career and that I can make changes if I want to. Reflecting on my values and my goals has been a real eye-opener.  I no longer judge ‘success’ in institutional terms and instead, I think about what success means to me personally. I no longer think simply in terms of what my work wants out of me but what I want out of my work. Julie is an attentive and sensitive listener. She provides a friendly, safe and confidential space for reflection and she shows you how to take practical steps towards achieving your goals. Julie works with you to find out exactly what it is you want out of your career – whether you want to change career or whether you simply want to change the way you work.”


I am who I am, doing what I came to do.
Audre Lorde