What training do you provide?

I provide training around gender and/or LGBT equality, diversity and inclusion to organisations and groups in the corporate, public and third sectors. Training is tailored to your organisational setting and needs. My training:

  • Raises awareness
  • Informs
  • Identifies possible problems
  • Provides ways forward
  • Provides follow-up support and consultancy where appropriate

Coaching can be added to the training as part of my services.

How might my organisation benefit from training? 

crayonsTime and again, research evidences that diverse management teams and workforces perform better. Understanding cultural differences and addressing inequalities will not only enhance social justice but will improve your organisation’s performance.


  • Ensures staff or volunteers are well informed and operating within the law
  • Supports the organisation to address common problems such as the gender pay gap
  • Promotes understanding of difference and enhances team-working
  • Supports your organisation to appeal to diverse workforces, improving equality, diversity and performance

What kind of issues does the training include?

I will design bespoke training in discussion with you and in line with your organisational needs. However, common issues organisations wish to address often include:

  • UK’s Equality Act (and the Equality Duty where appropriate)
  • Gender and LGBT mainstreaming (structural changes to enhance equality of opportunity)
  • Unconscious bias
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Cultural awareness

What’s the time commitment?

I will design a programme according to your needs; anything from a 1.5 hour workshop to a more sustained programme is possible.

Why choose you?

I offer academic expertise in the nuances of how structures of gender and sexuality operate within the social world as well as over fourteen years of experience of designing and delivering programmes of learning around these issues. Check out my testimonials.

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