How might my organisation benefit from training? 

crayonsTime and again, research evidences that diverse management teams and workforces perform better. Understanding cultural differences and addressing inequalities will not only enhance social justice but will improve your organisation’s performance.


  • Ensures staff or volunteers are well informed and operating within the law
  • Supports the organisation to address common problems such as the gender pay gap
  • Promotes understanding of difference and enhances team-working
  • Supports your organisation to appeal to diverse workforces, improving equality, diversity and performance


What training do you provide? 

I design bespoke training in discussion with you and in line with your organisational needs.  The process starts with a conversation to understand your aims and objectives and I tailor an offering to suit your needs and budget. This might entail a standalone workshop, or a longer, in-depth programme. 

Examples of workshops include:

  • Understanding Privilege
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias and Structural Bias
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture
  • Understanding Imposter Phenomenon
  • Lesbians in the Workplace

Sessions specific to Higher Education Institutions include:

Coaching can be added to the training as part of my services.

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“Julie’s workshop on ‘Privilege’ was powerful. I advocate and advise on EDI myself so was taken by surprise by the very emotional response it evoked in me. It cemented my resolve and sense of responsibility to challenge bias in myself as well as in others. Her methods and interactions create a safe space where delegates are challenged. She shows how privilege creates context and affects all our human interactions. Highly recommended.” – Kate Cairns, Cairns Consultancy.

“Julie developed and delivered a series of bespoke workshops for us on Leading ED&I Change. Her skilful and sensitive facilitation made these a great success. Julie creates a supportive and respectful space in which everyone’s perspectives and experiences are valued, enabling productive conversations about sensitive topics in a non-judgemental and open manner. All attendees agreed that Julie’s workshops were very valuable in allowing us to develop and reflect upon our ED&I work in a safe and supportive environment. Julie’s warmth, humour and experience made these workshops the highlight of my week!” – Katy Jenkins, Northumbria University. 

“I learnt so much from The LGBT ally workshop ran by Julie, she had the in depth knowledge to help me think about things in a different way.  It was really good having the opportunity to ask difficult questions, without being judged or made to feel silly or awkward.  It also made me think about my own values and opinions. The workshop was interactive and fun and gave a good perspective of what our LGBT community go through in their daily lives and how we can help. I would wholeheartedly recommend the LGBT ally workshop ran by Julie without reservation. It was a great success and our staff left the workshop a lot more knowledgeable about the LGBT community.” – Jacqui Danks, Human Resources Officer and PA, NE Business and Innovation Centre


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